Friday, February 5, 2010

Marilyn Monroe Speaks of Magic

I am the witch that they hunted--
I speak to every woman 
who was burned alive for witchcraft 
after me.
Every woman who has ever 
been wronged, or set ablaze 
at the stake for their 

You see your name in lights--
It is the signature 
~ soul 
on a contract 
to the World. 

Magic is not 
something that comes 
from within. 
It is cast upon you-- 
Powder and Power,
Film screens and silk seams,
Camera flashes and sashes of cashmere. 
Lashes and Fashion, 
Blond curls and unfurled bows, 
Rouge like blood and smudged lip balm,
Pomp and Pretense.
My daughters,
I promise you this: 
You can burn at the stake. 
But Magic 
not only 
makes us 
makes us 

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