Sunday, February 7, 2010

A Second Grader's Love Poem

We’re only allowed to give out Valentines 
If we have enough for everyone.
But I promise this one is special. 

When Mommy noticed 
I made a spelling mistake, 
I didn’t just cross it out 
And write the right spelling next to it--
I threw it out and started writing it all over. 

I purposely kept it 
In my right hand 
The whole time while handing out the others. 

I made sure to hold it softly 
So it wouldn’t get all soggy 
With my sweaty hands. 
And I made sure to wash my hands 
When I came back from recess 
Before handing it to you. 

So please take it. 
Don’t let it get 
or sweaty, 
or ripped. 

It looks like all the others, 
But I promise: 
this one 


  1. Anonymous13/2/10 21:51

    You brought back feelings and memories I'd forgotten... I never got to give Valentines to the ones I really loved, not back then. But oh how I wanted to! I see myself in your words. That's tough to pull off. Good job! So glad you left a comment at my website. I'm adding you to my links page! You've won me over... I'm a fan for life!


  2. Anonymous15/2/10 11:53

    I really liked this. It really captured second grade romance and was really refreshing.